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A pothole in a poorly maintained commercial parking lot

Asphalt Repair

Broken, and pothole-filled asphalt is more than an eyesore; it’s a potential liability. Why is asphalt maintenance and repair so important for your parking lots?

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A dumpster outside a commercial building loading dock

Bulk Garbage Removal

Your routine trash and recycling days take care of your usual trash, such as paper, glass, and plastic items. But what about those old desks and outdated equipment?

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Worker hand sweeping a commercial parking lot

Day Porter

Day porters are parking lot custodians, emptying trash cans, cleaning up spills and litter, and performing other daily maintenance and cleaning services for commercial properties.

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Worker replacing lights in a commerical property

Exterior Lighting Inspections 

Keep your clients and customers safe at night by making sure all your exterior lights are fully operational.

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Workers painting white parking space lines in a commerical lot

Line and Spacing Striping

Proper parking lot lines and stripes are important to organize the flow of traffic in your lots. It’s more than just painting lines on pavement, though; the ADA has specific requirements for spacing, and the fire department requires marked fire lanes.

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Workers cleaning and maintaining a parking lot

Parking Lot Maintenance

Your visitors want to see a brightly lit, well-maintained, and clean parking lot when they are visiting your buildings.

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Sweeper truck cleaning a cobblestone parking area

Parking Lot Sweeping

A clean, well-maintained parking lot is more than just a sign of pride in your property. It’s a way to discourage littering, extend the life of your paved surfaces, minimize run off of pollutants, and more.

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Worker prssure washing a business exterior with lift

Pressure Washing Services

Remove dirt and debris, brighten your parking lot’s surfaces, prepare the surface for repairs, and extend the life of your paved surfaces with professional exterior pressure washing services.

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Workers inspecting a vacant office building

Vacant Suite Inspections

Our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly property and vacant suite inspections can ensure someone is always looking out for your properties, even when you can’t.

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Since our beginning in 2004, we have continued to grow and expand our service area to Hanover, Ellicott City, Arundel Mills, Glen Burnie, Westminster, Frederick, and east into Baltimore. We provide exterior cleaning and maintenance services for commercial facilities, seven days a week.